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Frequently Asked Questions

Lab Puppy with Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash

How durable is Nifti SafeLatch Heavy Duty Dog Leash?

Patented Nifti SafeLatch dog leash is high quality and heavy duty for strength and superior performance. Independently pull force tested at 660+ lbs.

Who tested Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Dog Leash?

Independently pull force tested by SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company who is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. For more info about the SGS lab click here.

Do I need to buy a special collar or harness to use the Nifti SafeLatch dog leash?

Most collars and harnesses that you may already have comes with a steel D-ring that will attract to the high powered magnet on the Nifti SafeLatch dog leash. Please inspect your collar or harness to make sure it doesn't have any sharp or square edges that may damage the magnet surface. If your dog's attachment ring is not made of steel, you can still take advantage of Nifti's ease of use and our proprietary benefits for you and your pet.

Why is the Nifti SafeLatch dog leash clip different than a traditional bolt snap clip?

You will minimize the chances of your dog becoming accidentally unleashed with the Nifti SafeLatch dog leash that has a patented bolt latch design. The bolt goes all the way up into a fitted hole in the hook to limit accidental escapes. The high powered magnet built in the hook lifts the steel D-ring for a one-hand connection and when you hear a click you know your dog is secure. The magnet also assists in keeping the steel D-ring inside the latch for optimum safety. The thumb lever is purposely designed away from the latch opening to avoid pinched fingers and can be used wearing winter gloves. And, the flat front and back design allows for a better grip.

What is your Warranty?

Please check out our Quality Promise.

How do I find out about Shipping and Returns?

Please see Shipping & Returns.

How can I exchange a product?

Please see Exchanges.

How long does Neodymium rare earth magnet's attraction last?

Normally, magnetism is lost in the order of one percentage point in every 10 years or so. That's only 10% in 10 years.

Can I get my Nifti SafeLatch dog leash wet?

You may spot clean, but the Nifti SafeLatch dog leash is water resistant, so do not submerge in water or liquid. It is recommended that you remove the Nifti SafeLatch leash from your dog before swimming.

Can I use Nifti SafeLatch dog leash as a tie out?

No. Do not leave the leash attached to a dog when not in use or when the dog is unattended.

Can I use Nifti SafeLatch for climbing?

No. This is not its intended use.

Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

Yes, please email with your request.

Can I use your logo or trademark?

Nifti SafeLatch™ is a trademark of Nifti Solutions, Inc., the Nifti SafeLatch™ logo and any proprietary product or service names contained in this site may not be used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Nifti Solutions, Inc. Please use Contact Us form or email

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