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Customer Reviews

Red Heavy Duty Nifti SafeLatch Dog Leash

Anna L.

Orlando, FL

Love the leash!!

Lonnies Dogs.jpg

Lonnie K.

Titusville, FL

Very strong and high quality, the magnet is almost magical as it pulls the latch to the dog's collar. This it the last leash I will ever have to buy.

Coconut and Zeva2.jpg

Celia H.

Titusville, FL

My husband's service dog on the left is very furry and it's hard to latch her leash when you can't see her collar! Once I get close the magnet pulls it in and it latches! Very convenient! I don't have to worry about her pulling and the leash breaking since it's so durable. I would definitely recommend this to any dog owner!!

Blue Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash on Boxer

Courtney S.

Hazleton, PA

Got the Nifti SafeLatch today. Love it! Thanks!!

Off Leash K9.jpg

Nick Shelton

Owner & Head Trainer

Off Leash K9 Training, FL

Just tested out the leash for the first time. Very cool, I think people will love it!

Michelle's Pup.jpg

Michelle H.

Titusville, FL

I won't go back to my old one, I like how the Nifti Leash grabs his collar's D-ring and I know he is securely attached.

Shepard 1_edited.jpg

Andrew G.

Orlando, FL

It is so easy to install, it grabs the D-ring right away! I feel safe while he's wearing it.

Nifti SafeLatch on Dog

Shelly R.

Prescott, AZ

Love the latch and leash! I sent it home with my Mom for her dog, it made putting his leash on so much easier and I knew he was secure and couldn't get loose.


Chris & Linda G.

Fuquay-Varina, NC

It's so much easier to use the one-handed latch for hooking and unhooking to her collar. The leash is extremely sturdy and the high quality of the materials used are obvious. We use the D-ring at the leash handle for doggy-bags which leaves a hand free. Many thanks for this wonderful leash!

Lab Using Black Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Jessica S.

Hershey, PA

Speed and safety are key when it comes to taking Cooper, my 95 lb yellow Lab out as he wants to go with momentum. Being able to latch his collar to his leash with one hand is super convenient. Nifti is made well with both pets and humans in mind!


Felix M.

Miami, FL

Lady loves it... We do too!

Kelly Robinson Huskey 1.png

Kelly R.

Merritt Island, FL

This leash is hands down the best I have ever used. It's easy, convenient and I don't have to get tied up twirling in circles trying to latch on to my dogs just to walk them. I am so very happy we have Nifti SafeLatch leashes. My kids say it is much easier to walk the dogs with this leash! That makes me happy!

SHERMAN (Kelly Swartz)_edited.jpg

Kelly S.

Melbourne, FL

I have a large dog who can get really excited at walk time. The magnet inside the latch is genius! All I have to do is get the latch close to his collar and the magnet pulls the ring into the latch and it keeps it there. This leash has made it so much easier to get ready for our walks!

Melissa's Blake 1_edited.jpg

Melissa O..

Orlando, FL

I know he is secure and can't get loose and the magnet makes it so easy to get the leash on Blake as he is constantly moving, I save so much time and energy. The level on my old leash use to cause pain because it would puncture my thumb. I love the way this latch is designed as my skin doesn't get caught when the latch closes. After using this, there is no way I could go back to any other leash.


Kris D.

Orlando, FL

I especially like the insertion hole on the latch. As latches get older, the piece that moves up and down can sometimes get loose and/or break. This latch really adds a safety measure that's much needed. I like the magnetic feature as well. When a dog is eager to go on a walk, they move around a lot, so the magnet really makes it easier to get the dog hooked up. It's awesome!

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