First Locking Deadbolt Clasp

Connects Using One Hand

The first major change to the bolt snap latch since 1881.

Have you ever struggled to attach your dog to a leash while wondering if it was securely connected? Or, are you worried that your pet may get loose due to a weak bolt snap on your dog's leash? Fingers hurting or nails breaking? Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Dog Leash provides ease of use and the patented locking bolt latch secures your pet like no other, it's like having a deadbolt lock on your dog's leash.


Nifti SafeLatch™ automatically connects to your pet by simply pressing down the easy to use level and placing the open latch close to the metal D-ring on your dog's collar or harness. As the open latch gets close to the metal D-ring it will automatically lift and connect due to the strong rare earth magnet within the latch. 


The sound of the "Snap" lets you know that your pet is safe and securely connected. To release, push down the level and rotate the latch away from the D-ring to instantly release the magnetic hold.


Safety and convenience that Nifti SafeLatch™ robust design provides makes it a must have dog leash for all pet parents. Stay safe and get yours today!


Keep Your Pet Safe!

•  Magnetically connects to metal D-ring

•  Easy to use thumb level keeps fingers safe

•  Bolt locks in place for pet's safety

•  Helps avoid accidental release

•  Independent strength test exceeded 660 lbs

•  Fun, convenient & easy to use

•  For Medium/Large dogs