Medium/Large Dogs

Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash

First Major Change to the Traditional Bolt Snap Hook Since 1881

Have you ever struggled to connect your dog to a leash while wondering if it was securely connected or at just the right angle the D-ring could slip out and become undone? Worried that your pet may get loose due to a weak or broken dog leash clip?

Most dog leashes have a bolt snap clip to fasten to the collar or harness. Sometimes the clip is not as strong as it should be, it fails with age or it's the old design that when the dog shakes or wiggles with the D-ring positioned at just the right angle the clip can open. Traditional bolt snap clips can also be a bit difficult to attach if you have a dog who gets very excited for a walk.

Nifti SafeLatch™ heavy duty dog leash solves these problems and gives pet parents of medium to large breeds and extreme pullers piece of mind knowing it's designed with your dog's safety in mind.


Our  heavy duty dog leash built-in safety lock secures like a deadbolt to protect your pet like no other. It locks into place and is secured not to loosen, even over time. Designed and engineered for optimal pet safety, our trustworthy locking dog leash with SafeLatch technology will endure constant use of rugged dog handling. Independently pull force tested to 660+ lbs you'll keep your furry friend safe while walking, running, dog training or even during a trip to the vet. Now, there is a safer option!

So, what else makes us different? Built-in to the heavy duty hook is a high powered magnet that will attract the metal D-ring on your dog's collar or harness for an easy connection. Just place the open clip close to the metal D-ring, it will instantly lift and connect. The "Snap" lets you know that your pet's securely connected. Then, to release your pet push down the level and rotate the latch away from the D-ring, this motion will break the magnetic hold. The thumb lever is purposefully designed away from the clip's opening to avoid pinched fingers and can be easily used while wearing winter gloves.


Safety and convenience makes Nifti SafeLatch™ heavy duty dog leash a must have for all pet parents. Stay safe get yours today!

Keeps Your Pet Safe!

  • Heavy duty dog leash with secure built-in lock avoids accidental release

  • High powered magnet provides one-hand connection

  • Independently strength tested at 660+ lbs of  pull force

  • Thumb level designed away from latch opening keeps fingers safe

  • Easy to use even while wearing winter gloves​​

  • Medium/Large dogs or extreme pullers