The bolt is loose just touching the tip of the hook and is not securely fastened, the bolt can become misaligned and weaken the spring which can lead to leash failure.


The only patented leash with a bolt that goes all the way up into a fitted hole in the hook, securing your dog like no other. High-powered magnet built-in the hook keeps the steel D-ring inside the latch for safety.

Heavy Duty SafeLatch Dog Leash

Nifti's the only leash that has a patented SafeLatch to minimize the chance your dog becomes accidentally unleashed. Uniquely, the

bolt goes all the way up into a fitted hole and is secured within the hook. With the old designs, the snap bolt just touches the tip of the hook and can wiggle loose or even break and in just the right position it can open! Not with Nifti! the bolt is secured within a holder built-in the hook. We did not stop there, we added more safety to limit leash escape.


Nifti is the only leash with a high-power magnet built-in the hook designed to keep the steel D-ring inside the latch for safety. The magnet will also lift and instantly connect to the steel D-ring on your dog's collar or harness, it makes hooking up easier and safer. You will know your dog is securely hooked because you will hear a click when you connect the leash. Also, the easy to use thumb level keeps fingers from being pinched and can be easily used wearing thick winter gloves.

Medium/Large Dogs





Keep Your Pet Safe!

Bolt goes up into a fitted hole in the hook to limit accidental escapes

Built-in high power magnet keeps steel D-ring inside latch for safety and lifts D-ring to connect with one-hand.

Thumb lever is designed away from opening to avoid pinched fingers.