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Boy and Large Dog

Keep Safe

Safety First!

With every use check to make sure the collar or harness and dog leash are in working order and are not damaged in any way to withstand the tension of being pulled. If either item is damaged, do not use and replace. Recommended to be used by responsible adults, keep out of children's reach. This product is only intended for pets being supervised by an adult while using and only use as recommended, there is no other intended use.







  • DO NOT allow magnets to come into close proximity with a pacemaker or other medical devices which could be affected by a magnet.


  • DO NOT place magnets near any electronic devices as damage may occur.


  • DO NOT use around infants or allow children to use, play or hold leash.


  • DO NOT allow leash to come in contact wrap or tangle around fingers, hands or any other body parts.


  • DO NOT leave the leash attached to a dog when not in use or when the dog is unattended.


  • DO NOT use to tie a dog to any object, including but not limited to a tree, bench or other stationary objects.


  • DO NOT use on more than one dog at a time.


  • DO NOT use if leash, collar or harness attachment is damaged.


  • DO NOT attempt to repair, if any part becomes damaged discontinue use.


  • DO NOT expose to chlorine and/or water for prolonged periods of time as this may cause product damage.


  • DO NOT use this product in any way other than its intended use.


  • ALWAYS use on a well behaved dog that you can easily control.

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