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Blue Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash
Orange Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash

Looking for Extra Safety?

Yellow Lab Large Dog
Red Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash

Minimize the chances of your dog becoming accidentally unleashed with the heavy duty dog leash that has a patented locking bolt latch that makes hooking up to your excited dog' easier and more secure. Our redesigned bolt latch gives pet parents of medium/large breeds and extreme pullers some peace of mind knowing it's designed with your dog's safety in mind.


Works Smarter with Innovative Benefits:

Proprietary technology helps prevent accidental release of your pet.

  • Built-in lock secures the latch bolt firmly in place protecting it from wear or becoming loose.

  • Bolt goes all the way up into a fitted hole in the hook like a deadbolt, not just against the hook.


Heavy duty dog leash independently pull force tested to 660+ lbs.


High powered magnet is extremely handy and makes an easy hook-up to the metal D-ring on pet's collar or harness.


Effortless Release - Simply slide down the thumb lever and turn the latch away from the D-ring to break the strong magnetic hold.

Blue Heavy Duty Locking Dog Leash
Yellow Lab Puppy with Blue Dog Leash

Thumb lever keeps fingers safely away from the latch opening avoiding pinched fingers and can be used while wearing winter gloves.


When it clicks you know your dog is secure.

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