Looking for Extra Safety?

Patented Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Dog Leash high quality and robust design meets the need for pet parents in keeping their pets safe. A lifeline for your pet's safety, the dog leash is one of the most important products that you will ever buy for your pet. Today's pet parents are spending more time with their dogs and participating in more numerous activities, safety is now more crucial than ever.


Works Smarter with Innovative Life-Saving Safety Benefits:


Proprietary technology prevents accidental release of your pet!

     • Hook pocket secures latch bolt firmly in place protecting it from wear or becoming loose.

     • Retaining magnet holds metal D-ring in place, even if accidently opened.


Quality robust design, independent pull force test exceeded 660 lbs.


One-hand connection to the metal D-ring on pet's collar or harness.


Effortless Release - Simply push down the easy-to-use thumb shape level and rotate latch away from D-ring to instantly release the magnetic hold.


Easy thumb shape level keeps fingers safe and away from latch opening, avoids pinched fingers.


While connecting Nifti SafeLatch™ the "SNAP" sound lets you know your pet is safely hooked.