Life-Saving Benefits

Holds 660 pounds of pull force.

Many pet parent's prefer the traditional style of a bolt snap clasp on their dog's leash due to its simple design. Yet, many are unaware of unsafe circumstances that can occur with these types of latches.


Traditional style clasps require two hands to connect your pet and due to the roundness of the latch handle they are hard to hold, the thumb knob is difficult to operate and too close to the latch opening which can cause pinched fingers. And, loose bolt snaps can cause your dog's collar or harness ring to slide out of the latch causing a possible escape.


The Nifti SafeLatch™ life-saving built-in deadbolt lock provides a layer of safety for your pet by securing the lock bolt safely inside a pocket. Nifti avoids the loose fitting open gap that's above standard bolt snap latches that can allow a dog to escape. Nifti can also avoid damage that is caused by continuous movement of a loose spring and bolt within the cavity.


Protect your pet with our proprietary safe latch that includes our life-saving built-in latch pocket and retaining magnet that secures the dog's D-ring inside the latch. Independently pull force tested exceeding 660 pounds.


Nifti SafeLatch™ is also easy to use with our thumb shape level and automatic connection. Our push down level has been redesigned providing safety and comfort for your fingers and provides a distance away from the latch opening to avoid pinched fingers.