Patented Nifti SafeLatch™ is the first automatic bolt snap pet safety dog leash that requires only one-hand to magnetically connect to the metal D-ring on your dog's collar or harness with life-saving benefits for your pet. High quality robust design for superior strength and performance Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Leash is an excellent choice for pet parents that expect more.


Protect your pet with our proprietary safe latch system that automatically connects. As the latch gets close, the metal D-ring is automatically lifted by a magnet inside the latch. To release, push down the proprietary thumb shape level and rotate latch away from D-ring to instantly release the magnetic hold.


The lock bolt fits safely inside a pocket within the latch's hook and helps avoid latch damage or accidental release. Easy to use thumb shape level avoids hurtful fingers, flat front and back design allows for a better and firmer grip and the proprietary retaining magnet secures the dog's D-ring inside the latch. 


Independent pull force test exceeded 660 pounds. Designed and engineered to ensure safety, high quality, strength and durability, we offer solutions to those seeking an exclusive reliable leash.

Patented Technology